3 Roastery ではコーヒー豆のホールセール(卸売)を行っています。
Thank you for your interest in serving roasted coffee from 3 Roastery.

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☆ Do you want to serve/sell delicious specialty coffees in your own business?
☆ We will help you find the right single-origin coffee or create the blend to fit your brand.
☆ Need training? We can help train you and your staff on how to brew great coffee.
☆ Need equipment? We can also help you source equipment to fit your budget and space.
☆ Let us know your needs and interests in the form below!


Greetings and getting to know your business.
Determine your budget and needs.


Contract equipment (if required)
Install equipment at your location (if required)*.
*Please note that certain beans and equipment may take time to arrive based on harvest schedules and equipment availability.


Train you and your staff (if required).


Get ready to serve great coffee!

その他を選ばれた方は詳細を次にお書きください。 Please fill the following Section if you check "Others".

一般のお問合せは、こちらからどうぞ。Please use another contact form for general inquiries.